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Africa Digital Epidemiology and Innovation Network (ADEIN) Innovation Challenge for Healthtech Innovators in Africa

Africa Digital Epidemiology and Innovation Network (ADEIN) Innovation Challenge for Healthtech Innovators in Africa

The Africa Digital Epidemiology and Innovation Network (ADEIN), an expression of the Design for Health Practice at CcHUB, has announced the launch of its innovation Challenge themed: Emerging Tech and Digital Interoperability: Innovating for Resilience and Improved Healthcare Delivery’’. 

The program aims to establish a forum where innovators can present creative technological concepts, simulations, and finished products designed to offer adaptable AI-enhanced solutions in the healthcare space.

The final Demo day/ pitch events will be virtually in 4 countries: Nigeria, Kenya, Tunisia, Rwanda

Innovation Categories/Title

  1. Healthcare Delivery
  2. Disease Preparedness
  3. Climate Health

Eligibility Criteria

  • All team members must be citizens of African countries or currently studying/working in an African organisation.
  • The opportunity is open to participants with solutions at various stages of development. Early-stage concepts or prototypes will be accepted
  • Teams must consist of at least two (2) and at most five (5) members.
  • Teams must have at least one technically skilled member (e.g., software developer, data scientist, AI engineer).
  • Teams are encouraged to have members with healthcare domain expertise (e.g., doctors, nurses, public health professionals).
  • Proposals must focus on the development of innovative digital epidemiology solutions that address the specified public health challenges relevant to the African context.
  • Submitted projects should leverage technology and/or AI to address specific healthcare challenges.
  • Solutions should demonstrate a clear path to scalability and potential for widespread adoption within the healthcare system.
  • Projects should have the potential for a significant positive impact on healthcare delivery, accessibility, or affordability.
  • Open to startups and early-stage ventures


  1. Winners stand a chance to win $1250 to upscale their innovations.
  2. Gain CcHUB’s 4-month Pre-incubation program with a tailored and personalised coaching experience covering investment readiness, product development, market access, etc.
  3. Mentorship opportunities: in developing your innovation and access to connections with local tech hubs and experts.
  4. Tailored support: Irrespective of whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned founder, our Startup support unit caters to startups at every stage.
  5. Exposure to potential investors and funding opportunities to scale eligible innovations and bring them to market.
  6. Many more exciting offers

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