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Join the F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program Now

Join the F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program Now

The F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program is now open and accepting applications. F.I.T Africa, also known as Facilitating Impact and Transformation Advisory Africa LTD, is a well-known organization that provides impact advisory services.

Our primary goal is to promote positive change across the African continent.

To accomplish this, we work with a global network of private, public, and third-party partners.

We work together to develop transformational leadership talents, insights, programs, and strategies, known as TIPS.

Our vision is to witness a completely transformed Africa, empowered by agile, authentic, audacious, empathetic, ethical, and capable individuals and institutions.

At F.I.T Africa, our mission is to facilitate the transformation of individuals, organizations, and nations.

We achieve this by catalyzing the development of transformational leaders, insights, programs, policies, partnerships, strategies, and systems.

Our core values guide our actions and define our approach: F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program

1. Lead with Love: We prioritize listening, respecting, and acting with compassion towards our clients, team members, and the communities we serve.

2. Execute with Excellence: We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, delivering innovative solutions of the highest quality that surpass expectations.

3. Agile Aspiration: With the mindset of a steward, we aspire to greatness, embracing agility and accountability as we pursue our goals.

4. Discipline is the Way: We firmly believe that discipline is essential for success. Therefore, we foster disciplined individuals, processes, and practices within our organization and for those we serve.

By upholding these values, F.I.T Africa remains committed to making a lasting impact and driving transformative change across Africa.

Job Role and Responsibilities: F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program

  1. As a Program Analyst at F.I.T. Africa, your role will be crucial in our team as we strive to facilitate the transformation of individuals, organizations, and nations. Your duties will encompass:
  2. Assisting in program management and monitoring and evaluation efforts in collaboration with our partners.
  3. Engaging in various projects within our practice pillars, such as Leadership and Talent Development, Strategy & Organizational Development, Program Design & Delivery Support, Youth Development Practice, and Insight and Research.
  4. Creating persuasive business proposals and technical proposals for our diverse range of clients.
  5. Collaborating with a team of analysts and consultants to produce comprehensive reports, concept notes, policy documents, curriculum, and informative presentations.
  6. Implementing business development initiatives and contributing to the development of proposals.
  7. Providing analysis, reporting, and strategic insights to support decision-making processes.
  8. Contributing content for thought leadership blogs and platforms.
  9. Working closely with our partners to ensure the successful implementation of their initiatives, including program design, project delivery, technical review, and strategy implementation.
  10. Supporting the overall functioning and growth of the organization through administrative tasks.
  11. Designing and delivering training sessions as needed.
  12. Conducting thorough research and analysis on social impact initiatives, particularly in the realm of youth development in Nigeria.

Skill Requirements: F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program

  •  Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proficient in conducting thorough research and analysis.
  • Quick learner, ambitious, with a growth-oriented mindset.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace Packages (Sheets, Slides, Docs, Drive), and other relevant software. Basic design skills would be beneficial.
  • Project management skills and strong organizational abilities.
  • Experience in business development and proposal development is preferred.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for social causes and experience in the third sector or private sector-led CSR.

Qualification Requirements: F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in any field.
  • 1.5 years and above of work experience.
  • Demonstrated experience working within the social sector or private sector CSR is advantageous. This could include student-led initiatives.
  • Passionate about addressing social issues.

A Typical Day at F.I.T Africa: F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program

No two days are alike – a typical day as a Program Analyst at F.I.T. Africa is dynamic and fulfilling. For instance, you may be assigned a client and tasked with overseeing the client’s project delivery.

This may involve brainstorming innovative solutions, conducting research, preparing reports, creating training slides, and developing proposals.

You will take ownership of your projects while also collaborating with team members to deliver high-quality results on time.

Application Process: F.I.T Africa Analyst Traineeship Program

To apply for the Program Analyst position, please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Fill out the application form and attach the required documents/files, which include your resume (CV).

2. Complete and upload the Program Analyst Task, which consists of the following components:

Challenge Statement: A client with a strong passion for Africa and Nigeria has recently returned to the country and is determined to make a significant positive impact. Recognizing the importance of youth development for national progress, the client seeks expert guidance from F.I.T. Advisory Africa to identify the key challenges hindering youth development in Nigeria and propose actionable solutions.

As the Program Analyst, your role is to analyze the landscape of youth development in Nigeria and provide a strategic proposal.

Your ability to conduct thorough research, draw insightful conclusions, and present your findings compellingly will be crucial.

Task: F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program

  1. Executive Summary: Prepare an executive summary that addresses the most significant challenge in youth development in Nigeria. Additionally, propose two potential solutions that the client can adopt. Please ensure that the executive summary does not exceed one page.
  2. Presentation: Create a visual presentation in PowerPoint format (PPT) that summarizes your findings and proposed solutions.
  3. Video Recording: Record a video of yourself presenting your findings within a maximum of two minutes. You are required to submit the link to your video. Please ensure that the link is accessible. You can upload the video on Google Drive and share it or upload it on YouTube and set it as “UNLISTED”.
  4. We look forward to receiving your application and assessing your ability to analyze the youth development landscape in Nigeria and propose impactful solutions.

What Type of Colleague Are We Seeking? F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program

  1. We are in search of individuals who possess a genuine passion for making a positive impact and are eager to contribute their unique skills and ideas to our mission. Our ideal candidate is someone who is analytical, creative, and enthusiastic, demonstrating a strong commitment to excellence and a willingness to continuously learn and grow within our organization.
  2. They should be self-motivated and capable of working independently, showcasing a strong work ethic and a drive for performance. Additionally, they should bring a positive energy and a can-do attitude to the team, along with a youthful perspective and a genuine enthusiasm for what they do.
  3. We value individuals who are fun-loving yet driven by excellence, as well as those who possess a humble and excellent attitude. They should also be willing and able to learn quickly, adapting to new challenges and opportunities with ease.

Success in this role will be defined by: F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program

  • Demonstrating excellence in analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Producing high-quality written outputs such as reports, concept notes, and thought leadership pieces.
  • Displaying strong ownership and leadership qualities.
  • Embodying our core values.
  • Providing strategic insights that contribute to decision-making processes.
  • Collaborating effectively with colleagues and partners to achieve shared goals.

In return, we offer: F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program

  • A competitive Trainee salary.
  • Health coverage.
  • A Laptop.
  • Intensive Learning & Development opportunities.
  • The potential to transition to full-time employment after the traineeship.
  • The opportunity to travel as required by the assigned project.

Application Deadline: July 5th, 2024 F.I.T Africa Analyst Training Program

  1. Official Start Date: August 2024
  2. Location: Lagos, Nigeria (although this role is based in Lagos, we welcome applications from other locations/countries)
  3. Recruitment Progress: If you are selected, our hiring team will contact you for the initial interview with a partner.
  4. Work Structure and Hours: We strongly encourage remote work, focusing on actions, deliverables, and results. However, there may be times during intense project periods or team bonding activities where physical presence is required. We anticipate meeting in person at least once or twice a week as necessary.
  5. Join us at F.I.T Africa and become part of a dedicated team committed to transforming Africa for the better!

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