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Miles Morland Foundation 2024 Morland Writing Scholarships for African writers | £18,000 in Scholarships

Miles Morland Foundation 2024 Morland Writing Scholarships for African writers | £18,000 in Scholarships

The Miles Morland Foundation is accepting applications for its Morland Writing Scholarships. Miles Morland established the Miles Morland Foundation in 2013, following a career of investing in Africa through two companies he founded, Blakeney Management and DPI.

It can be challenging for new writers to balance writing and earning a living. The MMF offers a limited number of Morland Writing Scholarships each year to support writers in completing their first drafts of books.

The Scholarships are open to anyone who was born in Africa or had both of their parents born in Africa and writes in English.


Scholars will receive a grant of £18,000, paid monthly over the course of twelve months. At the discretion of the Foundation, Scholars writing non-fiction, who require additional research time, could receive an additional grant, paid over a period of up to eighteen months.


  • To qualify for the Scholarship a candidate must submit an excerpt from a piece of work of between 2,000 – 5,000 words, written in English that has been published and offered for sale, you must send clear evidence that the piece you upload as part of your application has been both published AND offered for sale. Your submission will be evaluated by a panel of readers and judges set up by the MMF.
  • The work submitted will be judged purely on literary merit. It is not the purpose of the Scholarships to support academic or scientific research, or works of special interest such as religious or political writings.
  • Submissions or proposals of this nature do not qualify.

Scholarship Requirement

  • The only condition imposed on the Scholars during the year of their Scholarship is that they must write.
  • They will be asked to submit by email at least 10,000 new words every month until they have finished their book, or their Scholarship term has ended. If the first draft of the book is completed before the year is up, payments will continue while the Scholar edits and refines their work.

Submission Guideline:

  1. A submission of between 2,000 to 5,000 words as a Word document of work that has been published and offered for sale.
  2. Proof of publication and proof of sale.
  3. A description of between 400 – 1,000 words about the new book you intend to write.
  4.  A scan of an official document showing that you, or both of your parents, were born in Africa.
  5.  A brief bio of between 200 – 300 words.
  6.  Please tell us how you heard about the Morland Writing Scholarships.

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For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Miles Morland Foundation Morland Writing Scholarships.