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Parallex Bank Graduate Trainee Program 2024

Parallex Bank Graduate Trainee Program 2024

The Parallex Bank Graduate Trainee Program is tailored for ambitious young graduates seeking to explore limitless career opportunities in the dynamic banking and finance sector.

Our comprehensive program is crafted to nurture and empower emerging talent, fostering a new generation of innovative leaders primed for the challenges of tomorrow.

Enrollees will delve into a robust curriculum, honing both essential soft skills and technical expertise essential for success in the industry.

Why Choose Parallex Bank? 

Parallex Bank is redefining the banking experience through a customer-centric approach and cutting-edge digital innovations.

We’re committed to delivering unparalleled value to our stakeholders by offering a customer-focused product portfolio that prioritizes simplicity and innovation

We’re also leveraging top talent and technology to enhance the customer experience

Additionally, we excel at providing personalized solutions through a strong, customer-centric ecosystem.


To participate, you must complete the following requirements

  • NYSC completion or provide evidence of exemption
  • Minimum of 2.2 from a reputable University
  • Minimum of 5 O’Level credits (including Math & English) in not more than 2 sittings
  • Not more than 26 years old

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