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Remote Front End Engineer Needed at

Location: Work From Your Home on a Remote-First Team

At, we build technology so businesses can manage file transfer and security at scale. We are private equity backed, profitable, and lead our industry in terms of revenue per employee.

This means that each and every team member is able to have a high degree of direct responsibility and impact.

We are a SaaS, Cloud-Based Managed File Transfer platform that enables organizations to securely transfer, share, and store files between users, teams, and organizations.

We are looking for seasoned Front End Engineers to join our team and help us build features into our already great app.

You will be working on the platform, including all our client-facing web browser applications written primarily in JavaScript using React.

World Class Pay and Benefits

Earn a “Bay Area” Salary from Anywhere. Our pay is competitive with the top software companies in the world, with generous base salary plus equity compensation.

Big Company Benefits:You’ll get full Health/Dental/Vision Insurance coverage (plus 75% of Spouse/Family coverage too),  401(k) with generous matching, 11 Company Holidays per year, and 20 PTO/Vacation days, plus we give employees off for Winter Break at the end of the year!

Company Macbook Pro and $1,000: We’ll send you a company issued contemporary Macbook Pro as well as $1,000 sign-on bonus as a welcome to

Tight-Knit Fun-Loving Team: You will be joining a fun-loving team that works together very closely, despite the remote work environment.

100% Remote Opportunity

The Engineering team is 100% remote. However, we travel for regular in-person meetings with the team and the entire company to meet and work together face to face.

These meetings are in cities around the US, including Scottsdale, Austin, Orlando, New Orleans, San Diego, Las Vegas, and New York City.

In-person events combine work and fun and are designed to make up for the in-person interaction that occurs in an office job.

About the Role

As a Front End Engineer at, you will take the lead on helping build cutting edge features into the product that drive value for the 4,000 businesses that use our platform.

Our API receives hundreds of requests per second and is used by both internal and external developers.

Professional experience with React is a requirement for this position.

Here are some examples of projects that our Developers have recently completed:

Implementing Single-Sign-On via OAuth, SAML, and SCIM.

Building a scalable engine that can convert nearly any type of files to PDF for in-browser previews (like the former Crocodoc service).

Upgrading our API documentation to be automatically generated using the OpenAPI standard, and the creation of automatically-generated SDKs.

Building our Universal Sync engine, which is a tool that allows users to synchronize their files to other cloud services such as S3, Azure, and Rackspace.

And here are some examples of projects that our Developers will be tackling in the next 6-12 months:

Implementing in-file search using Elasticsearch with custom input filters to index a plethora of document types.
Building a file versioning tool that uses Git behind the scenes to give customers easy tracking of file versions.
Additionally, you’ll contribute to our ongoing projects for improving security, monitoring, and performance.
We are seeing an increase in fraudulent applications. Please note that we take preventive measures in our hiring process to authenticate a person’s identity before we hire. 

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