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Remote Frontend Developer Needed at

Our vision

As one of the top ten digital asset exchanges in the world (still rising), we provide first-class service experience in trading, security and blockchain product innovation.

Our goal is to allow everyone to participate in the construction of the encryption market, so that the most cutting-edge and most potential cryptocurrency projects can be safely launched and traded. Are you interested in joining such a decentralized team?

Team introduction

Since its establishment, the product research and development team has been adhering to the concept of user first and safety first, and the products are constantly updated and updated, and the technology is stable and innovative.

Joining the production and research team, you will work with a group of first-class technical partners in the industry to polish a high-performance, high-reliability, and innovative global Top5 platform. Here, your development space is unlimited and the future can be expected.

We are recruiting more excellent like-minded friends from all over the world to join us. Our ideal candidates are: proactive, good logical ability, good teamwork and communication and coordination skills; have a certain research spirit, dare to challenge themselves, and have the courage to solve problems Various unknown problems.

Job Responsibilities

  • Cooperate with the product manager to complete product function development and optimization;
  • Cooperate with interaction designers and visual designers to achieve interactive effects, and cooperate with background engineers to complete application development;
  • Responsible for front-end infrastructure, component abstraction

Job requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above, major in computer related
  • Solid front-end foundation, familiar with JavaScript, typescript, css, sass and other technologies, have a certain understanding of functional programming
  • Familiar with related tool chains such as babel/webpack/snowpack/vite
  • Familiar with the React framework
  • Rich experience, having developed medium and large-scale web applications, good UI interaction ability is preferred
    Have a certain research spirit, dare to challenge yourself, and solve various unknown problems

Gate values

We advocate the principle of value first, where your knowledge, vision and autonomy will be fully utilized. We focus on using the best products and services to win praise from customers around the world, and will use the concept of decentralization Take it all over the world.

Our values ​​include integrity, insight, innovation, knowledge seeking and cooperation. At , we are committed to creating a unique Gate style and looking for you who match’s values.

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