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Sasol Foundation Bursary Program 2025 (Fully Funded)

Sasol Mainstream Bursaries is a performance-based program with a work-back / pay-back obligation. This is a comprehensive bursary offered to talented individuals who are planning to study full-time towards an undergraduate in selected Engineering, Science and Technology qualification.

The Sasol Mining Fence-line Bursary Program seeks to attract exceptional young talent to join the organization.

These bursaries support full-time studies leading towards a Bachelor’s Engineering/Engineering in Technology degree at a recognized South African University.


Bursaries are available to individuals in their first to fourth academic year of studies in 2024, pursuing the relevant qualifications or degrees.

First-year applicants should provide their Grade 12 results, second-year students must submit their first-year results, third-year students are required to submit their second-year results, and fourth-year students must submit their third-year results, all meeting the specified minimum requirements:

1.  B.Eng. and B.Sc.Eng

  • Level 6:  70 -79% for Mathematics (not Maths Literacy)
  • Level 6:  70 -79% for Physical Science
  • Level 5:  60 – 69% for English First Additional language or
  • Level 5:  60 – 69% for English home language or
  • Level 4:  50 – 59% for English Second Additional language

2.  B.Eng. Tech.

  • Level 5:  60 – 69% for Mathematics (not Maths Literacy) and
  • Level 5:  60 – 69% for Physical Science and
  • Level 5:  60 – 69% for English First Additional language or
  • Level 5:  60 – 69% for English home language or
  • Level 4:  50 – 59% for English Second Additional language

Students currently in the second, third and fourth academic year of studies must apply with the academic results of the previous study year (2023), with the following minimum requirements

  1. The student must be registered for full-time studies towards the applicable degree course in 2023.
  2. Applications must be registered for full-time studies towards an academic degree at an accredited and approved South African University. NB. Studies at the University of South Africa (UNISA) will not be considered/allowed.
  3. No bursaries will be awarded for studies at a University of Technology, except for studies in Mine Surveying.

Application Procedure

  1. Applicants must be South African citizens with a valid ID document/card.
  2. Shortlisted applicants must be willing and able to avail themselves for online psychometric testing as part of the selection process. These assessments will take place before the interview phase.
  3. full academic record (from start date of studies to end 2023) and proof of registration is required when students apply.
  4. Proof of permanent home residence –municipality and district (the address you will return to during holidays) will be required when students apply.
  5. Note that the bursary offer will be withdrawn/terminated should it be determined that the student has not physically permanently resided in one of the municipalities specified during the date of application/awarding of the bursary.
  6. All bursaries awarded are subject to the condition that applicant should be able to complete studies within a maximum period of 5 years (from start date to completion date for the specific degree course).  The minimum criteria will still be valid though.
  7. Bursaries is will not be availed to students enrolled for so-called dual/combined/hybrid degree programs.
  8. Students should be discouraged to apply for a bursary, well knowing that they are not complying with the requirements of this bursary program/applying with false intensions as it may lead to termination of the contact.
  9. Please note that all notifications regarding the status of student applications (whether successful or unsuccessful) will be provided by the end of November.

Deadline:19 July 2024

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